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SiriusXM Satellite Radio
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  • 2 days ago
  • Television/ Radio
  • Satellite Channel Cancellation
  • 5

In a reorganization they cancel on satellite channel, 75 Classical POPs, only 1 of 2 channels. 90% of my listening over 7 years was this channel and the reason why I subscribed in the first place. Sirius XM claims they are giving wider choice to listeners. Not true, removes one of only 2 classical stations on Sirius XM satellite lineup. Granted it may not be the most popular but does still... Read more

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  • Jul 22
  • Television/ Radio
  • Chanel Commentaries
  • 9

I want to listen to music. Not off-color and rude jokes or sports commentary or weather in far away places. ..... all from idiots on music channels. You are not witty, you are not funny, you are not entertaining. I select a music channel for music. I really don't care about your commentary or your sad attempts to regain your lost childhood. PLAY MUSIC!!!!! The music alone is worth my time... Read more

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I am very upset that classical pops is no longer available on my car radio. That program is one of the main reasons I subscribe to Sirius XM. I strongly urge you to bring back the classical pops channel. Otherwise, I will have to really think about my renewal. Add comment

  • Jul 20
  • Entertainment
  • Pops Channel
  • 14

Very unhappy that the pops channel is no longer available on my car radio. Will probably not renew my subscription. Way too much contemporary content, and far too little pops genre. I can use am/ fm for contemporary as that is readily available. Also country programming is on at least four channels on Sirius xm. Why doesn't Sirius survey its listeners to get a sense of what is wanted? And... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • Media
  • Sirius Radio
  • 4
  • 19

I just cancelled our subscription. The last straw was to remove "Pops" from the line up. Instead they are adding more and more rap - should really be labeled *** - for the idiots to listen to. To limit the huge library of classical music to two channels, Symphony and Metro Opera, is indicative of the USA's decline. And when I complained, I had to listen to someone who's link to the English... Read more

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When Miami lost it's only Classical station over 10 years ago I got an XM susbscription. Now XM has cancelled Pops. I'll be canceling XM and going with the Tune-In Radio app on my iPhone for hundreds of classical offerings. Good move XM. Add comment

  • Jul 18
  • Entertainment
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Radio Signal
  • 12

After 8 years of using SiriusXM, I have finally given up trying to maintain a stable signal. The antenna sits on top of the bookshelf and is never moved. It goes from 4 bars to 1 to none all the time. Some days it works great and tonight, clear skies and nada, zilch, no signal. I changed cables, antenna, etc. I have made the move to Pandora. When I buy a new car I will not purchase one with a... Read more

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  • Jul 18
  • Media
  • Classic Pops
  • 33
  • 186

In their latest shuffling of channel content, Sirius removed Classic Pops from its radio lineup and made it online only. This means that I can't hear the music while driving, which is where I want it. Pops was my favorite channel and the main reason why I subscribed in the first place. Its program was filled with short pieces of some of the most popular classical music and was a delight. It was... Read more

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I cancelled my service awhile back. They sent me a special it was like $30 for 6 months to get me back. When i agreed for the $30 charge they ended up charging me 250 or so (charged me for a year subscription). When i contacted them customer service was horrible and i had to go through 4 different representatives. It took them 4 days to refund my money. During this time i had cancelled any... Add comment

We love Satellite radio. 3 accounts-2 in cars & 1 in home. We don't like paying to listen to Fowley & Oldham ramble about who knows what. Add comment

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